Crisis Management – Operational Restructuring and Turnaround

We are experts in restructuring and turnaround. Disruptive and unexpected events can be catastrophic for businesses, their owners and senior management if not adequately managed. Business owners and directors are often insufficiently advised on their options to protect against business failure and personal liability.

Governance and Stakeholder Advisory Services

New business ventures and start-ups have a statistically high chance of failure in their early years. We provide expert advice to directors and stakeholders by applying our supervisory and collaborative methodology.

Independent business reviews, strategic planning and oversight helps protect directors and stakeholders in the start-up phase.

Interim Management, Negotiations and Informal Workouts

Our core focus is on business rescue. Informal workouts include negotiations with creditors and stakeholders to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome and protect against business failure. Our short-notice interim management services provide business owners and directors breathing space for re-evaluation of business strategy.


Protect Against Business Failure

Strategic business turnaround management:

  1. Crisis stabilisation
  2. Renewed Focus on Leadership & Top Management
  3. Stakeholder Management
  4. Re-invigorating Strategic Focus
  5. Streamlining Operations & Processes
  6. Business Development & Change
  7. Financial Restructuring, Budgeting & Forecasting

Governance & Stakeholder Advisory for Business Ventures

New business ventures and start ups have a statistically high rate of failure and require careful monitoring in their early years. We provide strategic business advisory services, adopting a supervisory yet collaborative methodology to protect stakeholders, lenders and directors.

Safe Harbour provides personal liability protection for directors from insolvent trading liability. It is not an insolvency regime so is not made public and there is no court involvement. Safe Harbour is a powerful tool for monitoring the long term strategic focus of a business.

Directors can retain control of a financially distressed company by taking reasonable steps to trade out of difficulties. Safe Harbour was introduced in 2017 to encourage entrepreneurship, innovation and risk.

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Interim Management, Negotiations and Informal Workouts

Disruption can have catastrophic consequences for businesses. In times of crisis, external specialist advice must be sought to protect against failure and personal liability. With a track record in business turnaround and renewal, we confidently tackle the multiple and complex issues that present in times of crisis and uncertainty.

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