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TurnAbout AU are the family business advisory experts. We specialise in Crisis Management, Restructuring & Turnaround, Safe Harbour Protection for Directors, Business Succession Planning, Strategic Operations Management & Asset Protection.  

Crisis Management Services: Meeting

Assisting Family Businesses facing Crisis

We are experts in restructuring and turnaround. Disruptive and unexpected events can be catastrophic for businesses, their owners and senior management if not adequately managed. 

Business owners and directors are often insufficiently advised on their options to protect against business failure and personal liability.

Crisis Management Services: Governance & Stakeholder advice

Managing Performance for Strategic Growth

New business ventures and start-ups have a statistically high chance of failure in their early years. We provide expert advice to directors and stakeholders by applying our supervisory and collaborative methodology.

Independent business reviews, strategic planning and oversight helps protect directors and stakeholders in the start-up phase.

Crisis Management Services: Negotiations

Landlords, banks, financiers, creditors – negotiations & workouts

Our Crisis management services core focus is on business rescue. Informal workouts include negotiations with creditors and stakeholders to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome and protect against business failure. Our short-notice interim management services provide business owners and directors breathing space for re-evaluation of business strategy.

With a track record in business turnaround and renewal, we confidently tackle the multiple and complex issues that present in times of crisis and uncertainty.

Crisis Management Services: Protection

Business Restructuring & Turnaround

Strategic business turnaround and crisis management services include:

  1. Crisis stabilisation
  2. Renewed Focus on Leadership & Top Management
  3. Stakeholder Management
  4. Re-invigorating Strategic Focus
  5. Streamlining Operations & Processes
  6. Business Development & Change
  7. Financial Restructuring, Budgeting & Forecasting

Pre-Insolvency Advisory

Our pre-insolvency advisory service is designed to step in before challenges escalate into crises. By identifying and addressing the early signs of financial distress, we empower business owners with proactive strategies and practical solutions to stabilize operations and preserve value. We partner with you to negotiate with stakeholders, manage debt, and restructure operations to avoid insolvency proceedings and secure the company’s future.

operational restructuring-2

Operational Restructuring

At TurnAbout, our operational restructuring is tailored to renew and strengthen the core functions of your business. We delve into your processes, cash flow, and market dynamics to unlock efficiencies and drive growth. Our team brings to the table innovative solutions for streamlining operations, improving profitability, and enhancing competitiveness in the marketplace. Through hands-on management and strategic planning, we help you align your business operations with your long-term objectives.

corporate consulting 2-2

Corporate Consulting

Our corporate consulting service offers a bespoke approach to addressing the unique challenges your business faces. By combining in-depth industry knowledge with strategic foresight, we offer advice that translates into actionable, results-driven strategies. We work closely with management teams to refine business models, enhance shareholder value, and navigate complex corporate landscapes. Our goal is to foster resilience, adaptability, and strategic growth for your company.

Crisis Management Strategies

TurnAbout provides robust crisis management strategies that protect your business’s interests and lay the groundwork for rapid recovery. Our services are designed to anticipate the unexpected, ensuring that your business is prepared to handle financial downturns with resilience. We devise bespoke plans that address the immediate impacts of crises while setting the stage for a return to stability and profitability. Our crisis management team supports you in safeguarding your operations, reputation, and future.


Board Advisory-2

Board Advisory

With our comprehensive board advisory services, we offer seasoned guidance to directors and executive teams. Our advisors bring an independent perspective that enhances decision-making and governance. We assist in aligning strategic goals with operational realities, ensuring that every board decision supports the company’s vision and stakeholder interests. By fostering leadership, integrity, and accountability, we help boards navigate the complexities of corporate management and achieve exemplary governance.

Strategic Growth Planning

Strategic Growth Planning

In the fast-paced world of business, strategic planning is the cornerstone of sustained growth. TurnAbout’s Strategic Growth Planning service is dedicated to crafting long-term, scalable business strategies that align with your vision and market opportunities. Our expert advisors work closely with your leadership team to analyze market trends, identify growth levers, and create a roadmap for expansion. From financial modeling to market entry strategies, we provide the insights and guidance necessary to navigate your business towards a prosperous future. With a focus on actionable plans and measurable outcomes, we’re committed to helping you achieve your business aspirations.


Protecting Against Business Failure, Managing Risk, Turnaround & Growth 

New business ventures require careful monitoring in their early years. We provide strategic business advisory services, adopting a supervisory yet collaborative methodology to protect stakeholders, lenders and directors.

Safe Harbour provides personal liability protection for directors from insolvent trading liability. It is not an insolvency regime so is not made public and there is no court involvement. Safe Harbour is a powerful tool for monitoring the long term strategic focus of a business.

Directors can retain control of a financially distressed company by taking reasonable steps to trade out of difficulties. Safe Harbour was introduced in 2017 to encourage entrepreneurship, innovation and risk.

Crisis Management Services: Advisory

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